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    Hi folks,
    I just came back from pixel experience on my redmi 5 plus (codename vince).

    I flash through fastboot, wait until device boot-up, start initial config, then it shows the message "find device storage corrupted your device is unsafe now" and reboots. Until i go again in fastboot it reboots, start config, show message and reboot again.

    I tried also everything i could trying to let xiaomiflash detect my device (reinstall driver, change directory, change pc, change usb port) with no luck. I can use with no problem the batch files on fastboot rom files, i use the "flash_all.bat" to flash the rom.

    I have this problem only with stock rom, custom roms works fine. But i want to go back to stock.
    12-08-2019 05:50 AM

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