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    ok so i rooted my xoom from here ( Rooting for dummies :-) ) pretty straight forward and seemed the easiest for me, cause the other directions i found to be a bit misleading or didnt explain it that well. anyways what im getting to now is that my xoom is stuff on the startup screen and all i get is the image playing over and over!?!?!

    so what do i do now? is this what considered a bricked xoom?!
    01-20-2012 10:12 AM
  2. thelostsaint's Avatar
    and now since i cant get the cmd to work so i cant get pc to talk to it so i cant do anything!! and stuck in the boot loop....

    do i have any options at this point? i do have one option to return it and try again... but a pain cause i would have to drive a hour ...

    so anyone??!!
    01-20-2012 10:47 AM
  3. LMO's Avatar
    First just a couple questions... Do you have the US Wi-Fi Xoom? And were you running Honeycomb 3.2 when you rooted, or did you receive the OTA update to 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) before attempting to root?
    01-20-2012 01:59 PM
  4. thelostsaint's Avatar
    yea i have the us wifi only version.

    and i was running the lastest update as i rooted and i thought i was crazy but i looked over all the different pages again to see if i missed something and i noticed that its just assumed that you go back to stock then unlock and root.

    but alas im FINALLY back up and running after hours and hours of this..... ugh! but one thing is that i def proficient at flashing and modding the xoom!

    so at this point im updating to 3.2 and then im going to unlock and root and then FINALLY put a rom on, i just dont know which one yet.... any suggestions ?
    01-20-2012 02:21 PM
  5. Castorshells's Avatar
    Team EOS!
    01-24-2012 01:55 PM
  6. LMO's Avatar
    I absolutely love the stock rooted ICS ROM!!! Very fast, no typing lag, camera works great, new browser and music player (and equalizer) are great too! No complaints at all here.
    01-24-2012 02:33 PM