1. bkircher's Avatar
    Hey all just picked up this tab today, so far I'm really liking this tab so far. Got a question though, is there anyway to root this tab and then port Ics to it? I'm a total noob at this as well. It doesn't look to me after what I have been reading that the family version is gonn be getting Ics officially since it has been cancelled through Bestbuy. Anyone else have any idea on if it actually will be getting Ics offically?
    01-22-2012 10:47 PM
  2. John745577's Avatar
    I actually spoke with a customer support rep with Motorola on the phone the other day, and he claimed that it is, in fact, getting ICS, and that it's currently rolling out.
    That being said, I haven't gotten mine, nor have I seen anyone else with a Family Edition getting it, so I guess now all we can do is play the waiting game.
    01-23-2012 01:43 AM
  3. bkircher's Avatar
    Interesting, thanks for much man. Appericiate the reply, Ill give them a hollar as well tomorrow to see if we can duplicate that response... LOL
    01-23-2012 02:57 AM
  4. bkircher's Avatar
    Still no news with being able to root this and put Ics on it?
    02-01-2012 08:11 PM