1. osubeavs728's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I decided to try and root my xoom after it had started to decay and run extremely slow on 4.0.4...I looked around on the net and found some ways to unlock and root and i think i may have used the wrong one. I had gotten the device unlocked and was using the command prompt to reboot fastboot and install root. However, once i hit reboot to go back to the xoom screen i got stuck on the motorola logo. I have tried re-initializing fastboot multiple times and it always stays at motorola. I'm gonna let the battery die and see what happens from there, but any help is appreciated.
    01-18-2013 01:59 AM
  2. osubeavs728's Avatar
    it also says in the top left hand corner "starting fastboot protocol support" but never does anything
    01-18-2013 02:14 AM

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