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    I have a rooted android and I had flashed a custom rom using flashify app and then my device rebooted and it showed the white at&t screen, then it switched into a screen where it shows the android bot and some blue lines spinning in its stomach, and there is a progress bar at the bottom of the android bot. Now my problem is that the progress bar is not completing at the way. For instance, it stops at about 25% through, and then it doesn't move anymore. Then I thought to myself saying maybe I need to wait longer, an which I waited about 7 hours and the progress bar didnt move a inch from where it had stop! I even took out my battery and plus it back in, and it boots up to the same exact screen with the same results as before with the progress meter still being stuck. I tried using the recovery buttons to boot into recovery mode, and instead of doing that, it ends right back up with the screen with the android bot and progress meter at the bottom which only stops at about 25% and doesn't move from there. Sorry for the long post but I really need help!
    09-11-2015 02:17 PM

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