I've been through the teleprompter apps and so far, Android Prompter is what I'm using. It allows me to control my tablet with my phone (using the paid version), but the phone controls are up at the top and still require me to look at the phone to use them. I recently acquired a Bluetooth remote control (Satechi) which has a volume up, volume down, skip forward, skip backward, pause/play, mute, keyboard and exit buttons. It works flawlessly for remote control of media players including the YouTube app. What I'd like is a teleprompter app that would allow you to bind keys to pause/continue, faster, slower, and maybe a few other functions. dvPrompter has a "remote" setting, but it only works with dv's remotes PrompWare Plus even has a setting to bind keys to functions. It looks like it's working in the binding, then none of the keys have any effect.

Sooo, does anyone know of a prompter app that would work?