05-20-2017 03:06 PM
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  1. coppercabling's Avatar
    The more I think about it, the more I realize Oreo's actually a pretty solid name, ignoring all other issues that arise.
    03-21-2017 02:24 AM
  2. James Falconer's Avatar
    Android 'Ohhhhhhh Myyyyyy!' ??

    Official 'Name Android O' Thread!-giphy.jpg
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    03-21-2017 09:01 AM
  3. Aquila's Avatar
    N really should have been Nerds. Nerds is way better than Nougat. If it's not Oreo, I vote we all boycott Google.
    03-21-2017 09:04 AM
  4. cowboys2000's Avatar
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    03-21-2017 12:21 PM
  5. Aquila's Avatar
    03-21-2017 12:23 PM
  6. Mike Dee's Avatar
    I don't think so...lol
    03-21-2017 08:42 PM
  7. James Falconer's Avatar
    03-22-2017 09:06 AM
  8. senorian's Avatar
    Android Oreogazm FTW
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    03-29-2017 09:46 PM
  9. Aquila's Avatar
    Android Om nom nom
    03-29-2017 09:56 PM
  10. Ntchwaidumela's Avatar
    03-31-2017 04:32 PM
  11. imtoomuch's Avatar

    Yes, I know the version names of the past have been desserts or sweets, but this is going to be a new, leaner, meaner, and healthier Google.

    Unless Google does something unique and partners with Oreo or licenses the name I don't see that happening. Besides, it would be odd to market Android in Oreos commercials and vice versa.
    04-01-2017 06:12 PM
  12. Morty2264's Avatar
    Oatmeal! LOOL.
    04-01-2017 06:17 PM
  13. davidnc's Avatar
    Its going to be called Ontbijtkoek .... trust me

    Here's the description

    An ontbijtkoek (literally translated breakfast cake) or peperkoek (pepper cake) is a Dutch spiced cake. Rye is its most important ingredient, coloring the cake in light brown. It is often spiced with cloves, cinnamon, ginger, succade and nutmeg. Several parts of the Netherlands have their own local recipe, of which the most famous is "Oudewijvenkoek" (old wives' cake) which is mostly eaten in the northern regions, and is flavored with aniseed. Ontbijtkoek is traditionally served at breakfast with a thick layer of butter on top, as a replacement for bread. However, due to its sweet taste it is also served as a snack.
    04-06-2017 12:12 PM
  14. liscon17's Avatar
    Opera cake (not the web browser)

    Official 'Name Android O' Thread!-opera-cake-final-0501-updated.jpg
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    04-14-2017 10:27 AM
  15. Goosinurwife's Avatar
    05-05-2017 03:55 PM
  16. quelquehomme's Avatar
    Orange Crush or Orange Soda
    Ya know. Now that we know what the Android O logo looks like, these could be spot-on guesses. I mean, they ain't nothin' choclate-y 'bout this:

    Official 'Name Android O' Thread!-android_o_preview_logo.png

    My heart still belongs to Olestra, tho!
    05-20-2017 10:49 AM
  17. recDNA's Avatar
    Orangeade has a nice ring to it imo.
    05-20-2017 11:03 AM
  18. Mr Mendelli's Avatar
    Ontbijtkoek. Had it a while back, and it's pretty good!
    05-20-2017 12:19 PM
  19. Ry's Avatar
    Oreo. Oreo. Oreo.
    05-20-2017 03:06 PM
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