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    Default Locked out of phone with no internet connection

    This might have been placed in the wrong location so sue me, I've never started a thread on any site before.
    I would just like to share a simple solution to this particular problem. First off details. Only exception is airplane mode has to be turned off. So the situation stands, your phone is requiring Google account sign in with WiFi and data off.
    The solution is simple; just have a friend send a MMS message to your phone and most SMS apps auto download that content(if you turned this off in the settings, you're out of luck). So to download that, it will kick on data and therefore internet connection and viola. Just make sure to submit your credentials between that window it's downloading the MMS which isn't long but it's not impossible to time either. Simple as that!
    I hope this helped someone from hard resetting their phone and losing all their data. Simple solutions to scary problems
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    Default Re: Locked out of phone with no internet connection

    No, I know another great trick either you phone is on airplane mode or what ever !! but you need to be on jelly bean for this trick, well the trick is while your device is locked down and you think you've forgotten the pattern lock or pin and your data connection is also in switched off !! and you seem to get then hold the power button and a popup will appear asking switch off, data connection off or on etc, if you data connection is off in that menu it would be enable data connection, and once you enable the data connection you a open your locked down device with the help from your gmail account. See, it is not that tough to you can get your self out from the lock down issue, you just need to remember while you locked out press the power button so the popup will appear !!
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    Default Re: Locked out of phone with no internet connection

    Great tips! Thanks a million for sharing them here. I have come across such situations many times in my life and all I do is run to my brother to get it fixed. I have even thought of switching my phone and at on point I had misunderstood it to be the problem with my internet service provider. This was of great help. Thank you!

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