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    Default Apps stopping and too RAM usage

    From a couple of days ago my android started to act weird, very often my apps began to stop and I can't transfer nothing from the default browser, also Clean Master shows that my RAM is always being very used, what is very unusual. Any ideas why?

    Sorry for my english :-)

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    Default Re: Apps stopping and too RAM usage

    What device do you have? How much RAM is being used, and how much is free? What do you mean about transferring from the default browser--what are you trying to transfer?

    One of the first things to try would be a system cache partition wipe, if it's possible on your device--we need to know what it is, first.
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    Ok, I'm using a ezee tab 707 from Storex, now it's using about 77% of RAM, but when I optimize it becomes about 35% (which was it's normal value, but now it keeps this value for about 10 seconds and it comes back to 70%). Maybe it's because I rooted it?
    When I try to download anything, for example an app or even a website it just says "We are sorry, but the browser has stopped" - I am translating what it said.
    What do you mean by 'system cache partition'?

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    Default Re: Apps stopping and too RAM usage

    Also it looks like some apps are always running, like for example playstore services, any way to stop that?

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    Default Re: Apps stopping and too RAM usage

    The RAM usage is normal. Android prefers to keep apps open in RAM, even ones you didn't start. See these articles for more info:


    It sounds like your browser is having issues. Try going to Settings/Apps/All, select Browser, and tap Clear Cache and Clear Data, then Force Stop. Now try again. If problems persist, try installing a 3rd party browser like Now Browser or Dolphin Browser from Google Play.

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