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    So I got an LG G4 Stylus today. It seems well and all, but changing the brightness setting doesn't seem to do anything. I've read reviews of the phone, and nothing mentions the lack of settable brightness... So this isn't normal

    The screen does dim when in battery saving mode. But that's it. Other than that, the brightness is constant, regardless of what I set it to (Even when the battery is at 50%)

    Any clues what could be causing this?
    07-08-2016 09:41 AM
  2. zocster's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central, have you tried a power off, then turning it back on after few minutes? Worst comes to worst do a factory reset? Ensure the phone is updated to the latest firmware.

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    07-08-2016 12:08 PM
  3. Jaco Engelbrecht's Avatar
    I have actually tried both of those already...

    Gonna take the phone in tomorrow. Trade it for another one... No clue what could be causing this
    07-08-2016 03:02 PM

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