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    I own a Galaxy S6 and I tried out several portable chargers from different brands. It seems that Samsung has an anti-piracy measure (?) that prevents your phone to charge properly with non-official chargers (the message ''Device charging slowly. Use an original charger'' appears whenever I plug it into some non-official charging device). That being said, I was wondering which portable charger should I buy in order to get my Samsung charging normally when plugged to it (if I try to use it while ''charging slowly'', the battery actually keeps draining instead of charging - only in a slightly slower rate than usual). I saw some power bank devices of 12.000 mA, will it do the job?
    08-28-2016 10:04 PM
  2. chanchan05's Avatar
    Just get a good brand. Cheaper brands often have very low output, hence you get the warning. Get something by Anker, or Bavin. I had a Bavin 9000mah and a Bavin 12000mah and they charged all my Samsung phones and tabletd without issue.
    08-29-2016 12:52 AM

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