Hello Everyone,

I'm having an issue with the bluetooth function on my Razr and I'm hoping someone has found a solution to it. Please see the following.

The problem happens at seemingly random times. At the beginning of a call, either incoming or outgoing, I'll get 1-2 seconds of ear splitting static. It will then stop and everything works fine. Audio both incoming and outgoing functions just fine. It's just the 1-2 seconds of really loud static that's a problem at the start of the call.

I have had this issue with several bluetooth devices including a Jawbone, Jaybird Bluebuds, LOGITECH UE MOBILE BOOMBOX, Belkin - F4U037TT AirCast Auto HandsFree with Bluetooth, and an LG home audio system with bluetooth function.

If you've had this problem and found a solution please let me know.