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    Default Post here if you want to help a first time Android User

    Keeping my blackberry, but going to be my first Android phone. I've barely even played with one! How long will it take me to get profecient with the EVO. I know miles will vary by person, I'm a phone junky and feel pro with the blackberry.

    Should I have the getting started and user manual memorized by tommorow?

    Does the manual not do anything for the true power of the EVO and Android OS?
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    it will take a few days to get acustomed to everything its a complicated phone but with some time you can get used to it
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    Getting this tomorrow. STill have a BB for work.
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    I came from WM when I got my Hero & never even looked at the manual. Android is very easy!
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    I came from a Treo 755, iPhone 3g and now i have a pre but android is looking like the future and it does not help palm that HP's CEO is saying that they are not in the smartphone business.
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    You shouldn't have to bother with the manual. Just remember than long-pressing on something often opens up addition options, and so does hitting the menu key.
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    I just ordered the Evo and will get it in days. I have a Treo 755 with a ton of contacts in it. How do I move contacts from a Treo to an Android? Can memo's move? (Nobody even talks about the Android having a memo function.)

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