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    Default Razr M Google calendar sync overwrites blank fields on device from server

    I'm encountering a strange behavior when syncing my Google calendar to the standard calendar app on my Droid Razr M (running Android 4.1.1). Almost everything works fine, including syncing events, deleting events, etc. However, if I have an event that has been synced already (i.e. the event is visible both on the phone and on a PC browser), and if that event has a text field (like "Location" or "Description") that has some text in it, then if I completely delete the text on the phone's version of the event, the text reappears after just a few seconds; clearly the event on the server is copying itself back onto the event on the phone. If I delete the text on the PC, then the text gets properly deleted on the phone also.

    Note that everything other than completely deleting a text field on the phone works fine. e.g., I can alter (but not delete) the text on the phone and then the PC gets the correct update.

    Any idea how to prevent this behavior?
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    Default Re: Razr M Google calendar sync overwrites blank fields on device from server

    Sorry if this is a basic question, but are you sure you're saving the event again after deleting the text on your phone?
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    Default Re: Razr M Google calendar sync overwrites blank fields on device from server

    I'm quite sure. Here's exactly what happens.
    1) I have an event that's already been synced to both the phone and the server. Let's say the title is "My event" and the location is "Some notes". If I look at the daily calendar overview, I see the event in the calendar with the text "My event Some notes".
    2) On the phone, I open the event and edit it to delete the text "Some notes". I click "done", and the phone goes back to displaying the daily calendar overview, and it also pops up a notification saying "Event saved".
    3) In the overview on the phone, I now see that the event correctly displays just "My event".
    4) But, if I just sit there staring at the phone for 15-30 seconds, the overview magically updates the event to say "My event some notes" again. Clearly it must be syncing the text back from the server.

    Note that if in step 2 I instead do the deletion on the server, then the text would stay deleted on the server and would correctly update the phone to also delete the text.


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