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    Default Features not working. ROM help

    Ok, so i bought a use samsung galaxy s3 I747M. When i got home I was excited to test out all the cool features advertised in the comercials, to my horror, none of them worked. palm screenshot, video while texting, and i cant find the driving mode or s-voice. After tearing through all the settings, I found the the previous owner replaced touchwiz with cyanogenMod 10. Is this why these features dont work? If so, can someone please give me a step by step manual on how to get touchwiz back? keep in mind in super noob so i wont understand your techy lingo lol. Appreciate it.
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    Default Re: Features not working. ROM help

    That is the problem. He has updated the phone to a Jelly Bean ROM. Do you know if the original owner created a backup of the original ROM (Ice Cream Sandwhich)? If not, what network are you on?
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    Default Re: Features not working. ROM help

    No, i dont think he did. I am on Rodgers. Anything I can do?
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    Default Re: Features not working. ROM help

    You should be able to find a stock ROM for it. However, be careful as not all S3's are alike. You will need one that is compatible with your handset and Rogers.

    Give this a read...

    How to Install,Return Back Original Stock ROM/Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III GT-I9300, U.S and Canada) | Android Firmware Updates

    Also, make sure that you really have a good understanding of how to do this. If you are not careful, you can destroy your phone.
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