I've been playing around with automation apps to try to conserve battery life, disabling data (W and M) when the screen is off, turning it on for a minute every 15 minutes or so to sync, then rinse, later repeat... then when the screen comes on, re-enable WiFi or Mobile (depending on my location)...End result is that I am toggling my data connection quite often, especially when the phone is asleep.

I've seem this on both AutomateIt and Llama... the above tasks works great, but every so often, things go south. When Mobile data turns on, it never actually connects up... Wifi will also start up but report "No networks in range" even though some are there. I've even seen it where Wifi connects, then drops a couple of seconds later and reports nothing in range. And the battery gets SLAUGHTERED.... even if I turn everything off, the batter graph looks like it's fallen off a cliff. The only way I can fix is a reboot.

One more event... when the Mobile data connection wouldnt establish, I tried to toggle the airplan mode, and it it never triggered..the airplane mode icon 'grayed' our (or dark green more like it) and I couldn't toggle it off anymore..only a reboot solved that. Figure this is all related.

I just installed BBS and am going to monitor for when this happens again, but does any of this seem familiar?