I don't know what the heck just happened but I just a little bit ago (while reading here at this forum) I went to Terminal Emulator to double-check to make sure it was still rooted (I was pretty positive it was). I opened Terminal Emulator, got a $, typed in "sudo", got # (which I understood meant you are rooted). While reading alot mentioning using SuperUser for various things, I remembered it use to be on phone but wasn't anymore (had alot of stuff/programs get deleted once when friend borrowed phone) so I went to my previous installed apps in Play & reinstalled it (don't think that has ANY relevance to issue, but mentioning it just incase :-) ). After reading some more I decided to try something in Terminal Emulator, but now when I open it & type "sudo" I get "sudo: not found". I also tried "su" but get same "su: not found"!!! I even tried uninstalling superuser (since was ONLY thing I had done since it working earlier) and I restarted phone too, but still get "not found" message. I have NO idea why or what the problem is. Any help would be really appreciated!
Thank you VERY much!!!

P. S. to MODERATORS: I wasn't sure if this should go here, in the Triumph SubForum, or somewhere else. If it would be better somewhere else, I am very sorry but either let me know to move it or you can move it for me. Thanks