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    Default Use smartphone without SIM?

    I'm looking into getting a smartphone. Primarily to use as an ipod touch type device and a point and shoot camera. Possibly, also as a phone at a later date.

    1) Can sim unlocked phones such as the Xperia Z1, Nexus 5, or Moto X Developer Edition be used this way? Do manufacturers, like Sony, update their unlocked phones?

    2) How about carrier unactivated? Such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3? Carrier unactivated would have to be activated on the appropriate wireless network to be updated? I'd be stuck with whatever is on the phone, if I'm correct.

    Suggestions on phones to consider appreciated as well.
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    Default Re: Use smartphone without SIM?

    You can most certainly use a phone without an active SIM card. You would just have to be on wifi in order to anything that requires data. I have an old Nexus S 4G that I use as and MP3 player at home.
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    Default Re: Use smartphone without SIM?

    weeks ago i DID buy a SSG S4 UNactivated for that same purpose: wifi and camera use. i am a photographer and often i am out shooting with a cam + long lens combo that weighs more than i do. i hate changing lens in open spaces due to sensor dirt, so having the S4 along enables me to shoot some damn NICE pixs also. when wifi is available it's fast and when the wifi is strong i can use Groove IP Lite version along with google voice to call on my S4 that has NO SIM chip!! As I type this am waiting to unlock my S4 so I can take it to Spain next month. Usually while there I'll pick up a SIM card so I can have limited cell service. Even without the activated calling capability it's a great cell that is fast and the camera is fabTasTic, with a camera shutter you can snap a pix just by saying SHOOT or CAPTURE makes for steadier images. Hope this helps

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