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    Default ROM (CM) update scrambles my HTC - advice??

    Hi All,

    I've got an unlocked and rooted HTC One S (ClockworkMod and am running CyanogenMod (CM). Currently I am having some big problems - I'm a beginner/intermediate and have rooted, unlocked, installed various roms before.

    1. Phone asked to download newest CM Rom version and install and I said yes. It does its thing.
    2. Next time I go to look at it the entire screen is scrambled with blue lines criss-crossing the display. I reboot and it's the same.
    3. Since I have ClockworkMod, I reboot into recovery mode. I have tried: wipe data/factory reset, wipe cache partition, install zip from sdcard (both and the CM zip - which I am not sure where it came from since I bought the phone used).
    4. None of these measures seems to be working, reboot and the screen remains 'scrambled' with various lines criss-crossing the display (I have let it sit in this state for a period and a legible update screen appears, but disappears and then it's the same old).

    The phone isn't bricked, so I am trying to load a different rom onto the memory but am having trouble doing so. I go into Clockwork recovery mode, attach via USB, and try mounting various folders, but my PC (Win 7 & 8) only claims it is a removable disk (when clicked 'please insert removable disk' and nothing else). FTR: I have tried installing the HTC One S drivers and HTC sync to no avail - ie; I've put it into recovery mode and attached the USB cable - no dice.

    I'm pretty much out of ideas for this phone. I cannot book into the rom to enable it as a USB device, and since the HTC One S doesn't have an SD slot, I cannot put a rom onto a micro card).


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    Default Re: ROM (CM) update scrambles my HTC - advice??

    Did you make a backup before you updated (or ever)? If so, have you tried flashing the back up to see if it will boot?

    If not, if you can boot into recovery, you should be able to ADB push a file to your phone via Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (OSX and Linux), assuming you have the Android SDK setup on your computer. If not, set up the Android SDK ADT bundle found here: and you will be able to push the files to your phone while in recovery mode.

    This is exactly why I don't like rooting phones that don't have removable storage (and why I don't really root my phones any more).

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