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    Default next device

    Planning to get refresh phone.
    I had done researches about upcoming 2014 devices...

    - +Samsung Galaxy S5 possible Prime?
    - +HTC +HTC One, they go on +GPe if rumor are true.
    - +LG G3, crank +Nexus +Google Nexus 6
    - +LG G pro 2, pray for GPE.
    - +Sony Xperia latest device, begging to make land for +Sprint since they not releases, nor markets it.

    That all for now, which one should i pick device and roll with?
    One love one +Android world!
    +Android Central

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    Default Re: next device

    Teo things that immediately remove a phone from my consideration - a non-removable battery or no external SD card. (The reason for the battery is that, if the battery overheats [ask Sony about this - they had a lot of problems with unwanted fires], it's faster to pop the back off and flip the battery out, ruining a $15 battery, than cracking the back off the case, risking serious burns, and incurring a large repair bill. (I think if I were holding a phone like that when that happened I'd just chuck it somewhere it wouldn't hurt anyone if it exploded - like a lake.)

    Also, sometimes you just have to do a battery pull to get a locked-up phone functioning.

    And if the battery ever goes (and they do), it's $15 battery vs. a probably $60 or more visit to a shop. (For the same $15 battery.)

    No SD card, no SD card boot, so a hard-bricked phone is a paper weight. And you can store a lot of whatever in 128GB. And a phone that can handle a 128GB card should handle a 256GB card, which we'll see before the current crop of phones become "Craig's List specials" for $20.

    S5? Depends on the price and the specs vs. the 4 when it's finally released. The 4 might drop enough in price to be the better deal.
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    Default Re: next device

    Quote Originally Posted by Rukbat View Post
    (I think if I were holding a phone like that when that happened I'd just chuck it somewhere it wouldn't hurt anyone if it exploded - like a lake.)
    Ah, yes. Of course you would. But then you live within 60 feet of one, right?

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