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    Default Is such an app possible for Android? (plz read)

    Range Finder App

    An app that accurately measures distance from your smart phone/tablet. Something like this already exists (Smartmeasure), however its clunky, troublesome, and obscure. Im aiming to have this app be used naturally amongst anybody who constantly needs to measure

    Create a work-around a focused laser beam, which is traditionally used in range finders. that a phone can't provide, you would be unable to get any sort of meaningful reading. Perhaps an algorithm that compares the scale of items it finds in the camera to a stored set, and give approximations.

    Use the phones sound capabilities to measure distance

    Use the phones map/compass capabilities to measure distance

    Use a phone's accelerometer to track the phones's movement, and take a series of image with the same camera as you point the phone towards a target to measure distance
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    Default Re: Is such an app possible for Android? (plz read)

    There an app called "". It just might suit your needs... not though your needs seem to be very technical and precise...
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