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Thanks for sharing your opinion. I'm surprised that the speaker would distort on the M8. I know Erica Griffin discussed that hers was doing that as well but she had another one shipped out which was fine. Maybe some have a defect? I can also see the camera being an issue. I don't really take a lot of pictures so it wouldn't bother me. For me, I'd be willing to pay the extra money. I can definitely understand why some people wouldn't find the value in it though

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No problem at all. I've thought about doing an RMA to see if the speaker might be better on another one. And I take a ton of pics with having two daughters, so it's important to me. You can take some decent pics with this, but the Nexus is leaps and bounds better. It really isn't even a contest. Like I said, there is some extra value, but I just don't see the $300 difference. You can get a Nexus 5 and 7 for less than the GPE M8.