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    Default Nexus 5 questions, switching from iPhone

    Hi guys,

    I'm almost certain that i'm going to switch to a Nexus 5 from an iPhone.

    I have a few questions though, would really appreciate if someone could help me with these..

    Google Search bar on the homescreen, is this removable or does it always appear?

    Widgets - is it just for the stock Google Apps, or will they work with most other apps downloaded from Google Play? Like Falcon Pro for instance?

    I've heard that battery life dips when you first buy the handset and gradually gets better, could you confirm?

    Any good tips for changing from iPhone to Android in terms of data backup? Like apps with cross compatibility? I haven't been able to find too much on this, other than to turn off iMessage when transitioning

    Where do you go for support? If the screen shatters or anything like that, I used to go to an Apple Store for things like that, so I'm guessing i'd have to liaise with Google online support for queries like these, as i'll be buying directly for them?

    Thanks guys, can't wait to own one of these!
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    Default Re: Nexus 5 questions, switching from iPhone

    in the future, please number your questions.

    1. Nova Launcher allows you to remove the "Persistent Search Bar".
    2. Any App can have Widgets. most do - some don't. it's up to the Developer.
    3. some feel battery life gets better with time due to calibration - but this is anecdotal.
    4. start syncing everything with Gmail if not already - Contacts, Calendar, Gmail, etc.
    5. sign up for Dropbox if not already. search for the referral thread for free space before you sign up.
    6. contact Google directly for support.

    good luck.
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    Default Re: Nexus 5 questions, switching from iPhone

    Hey Buddy,

    -Google search bar is not removable on the Nexus 5

    -Widgets work with stock google apps and many more apps. There is a category in the play store that is specifically dedicated to widgets. Most third party apps have widget support.

    -Yes battery life is not at its best when you buy the phone it does get better 1 week after your usage

    -I suggest you use Dropbox or Box for pictures so that the photos that you have on your iphone can be accessed on your Nexus 5. Also you can use Evernote for cross platform note taking.

    -Regarding support, for cracked screens and all of that there are no google stores so you will have to find your local repair shop. For warranty issues google has excellent phone support. They send you a phone at home freeze the amount of the phone on your card once yours is shipped back to them the amount is unfrozen.

    Hope this helps to welcome you to the the Android world
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