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    Default How long from 'release date' to your doorstep?

    Hey dudes, sorry for another question based on rumors, but I really have no choice but to plan my purchase based on what-ifs due to the fact that I'm only back in the US for two weeks at a time every 4 months. My next break is from Aug 14-Aug 28 and I will be replacing my Nexus 7 (ridiculous amount of usage has taken a toll on the battery) with another Nexus 7. I'd like to get the new model (supposedly being released 'late July') but I wanted to see how long it has taken everyone who has purchased a newly released Nexus device to physically receive the product from Google.

    If it truly is released late July (or even early August) and I purchase one, should I expect a lengthy wait time that may extend beyond August?
    If it isn't released in July, I may pull the trigger on a price reduced current model, but I don't know how long they will be on the shelves. Any guesses on that as well?

    Any input or advice is greatly appreciated,
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    Default Re: How long from 'release date' to your doorstep?

    Hard call to make. So many factors come into play. Pre orders, supply availabilities and the worst case shipping/ordering errors & problems that happen.
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