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    Default Eris hanging big time today

    Is anyone else on Verizon and using the Eris having some serious lag in their phone's operation today? I don't know if a Verizon network issue would cause such slowing of the device but my wife is having the same issues.
    *grumble grumble* Its enough to throw the *censored* thing threw a window.

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    Is it just when you're surfing the web or is it the phone overall? If it's overall phone performance, I don't see how the network could cause the phone to slow down completely. Have the 2 of you installed any 3rd party apps recently?
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    Installed apps? hehe yeah all the time. But my wife hasn't. She's not as "into" the phone as I am.

    I noticed the lag when I got a call and no matter what I did the phone just sat there and let the caller go to voicemail eventually. It never even rang! And then when I finally got it to respond it was only responding to commands about 15 secs later...really frustrating. As for the phone in general, anything I used on it during this time was using the network to some extent. I eventually powered the device down...haven't bother with it since.

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