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    Default Left sprint after 15 years

    To Verizon. HTC one m8. Awesome device.

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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    What is this Sprint you speak of?....(only kidding). I had to leave them a couple of years ago as well. Coverage just wasn't there.
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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    I am in the process of leaving them after about 12 years.

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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    I think your experience will be much more pleasant. 🙆

    Wizzrah | AT&T HTC One XL | Tapatalk
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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    Finally have Sprint 4G LTE at my home as of last week. LTE on Sprint at my house is faster than Verizon LTE (I also have iPhone 5s). Sure, it took two years. I will check it out and since I am not on contract anymore, I could get an M8 on Verizon and move the family over later. iPhone is from work. Now that data roaming is fixed (3G only) I can put up with the EVOLTE until the rest of the family on M7 phones run out their contracts in about 7 months.
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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    After more than 15 years, I too have finally left Sprint. I tried to hold on, believing the promises of unlimited data. Trouble is, the data was horribly slow. After watching other markets get 4G, Phoenix at long last got Sprint LTE. Except, at my house. In fact, the service got much worse, with calls constantly dropping. I had enough. I decided to port my number to an AT&T phone provided by my employer. As soon as my wife's contract is up, I'll move her phone too. Heck, I may just pay the ETF to be done with Sprint for good. Sprint is not that cheap, and has horrible service where I live. (both AZ & TN)
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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    I left Sprint about 4 months ago and have never been happier. Sprint is a good company and has good customer service, but the coverage is extremely lacking in my area. I waited on them to upgrade the service for over 4 years and they just never got there. I left Verizon to get on the Sprint network and will never, ever even remotely consider going back to them. AT&T has finally provided me the coverage and service that I've been looking for. I know they're considered the big orange devil sitting in the backseat behind the big red devil, but right now I'm happy.
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    Default Re: Left sprint after 15 years

    I struggle with that decision myself. 15 yrs with them. I notice the poor network mostly when I travel out of town to less populated areas. But where I'm at 90% of the time (ATL suburbs), I have to say that the service is really good. I guess it depends where you live. ATL and other big cities I've visited in the last year, service has been good. Orlando and coastal Maryland are awful. Because I have teenagers, the unlimited data really pays off. My kids use 4 to 6 GB/month!! It's crazy. So for now, I will have to stick with them. They are forcing people who don't know better to the "Framily" plan, and that's a horrible plan. That will be my exit if they require that change when it's time to upgrade phones.

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