I was sitting in the hot tub with the HTC EVO 4G on the rail, and some water splashed up and got on the phone. I shook it off and dried it with a towel, and it seemed to be fine.

A day or two later, it started acting erratically.

The phone would randomly "wake up" from it's sleep mode, as if a button was pressed or something was plugged in.

Then the Car Panel app would randomly launch on its own. The settings of the Car Panel app is to auto-launch when the car kit is connected to the phone. I don't have the car kit, but it was auto-launching on its own. As soon as I turned off the auto-launch option, it stopped randomly launching the app.

I also noticed that during a phone call, the call would switch randomly from speaker to phone to speaker to phone and back and forth.

I took the phone apart and disconnected the 3 ribbon cables and with an alcohol swab wiped the contacts. That didn't do much of anything.

The way it wakes itself up and launches the Car Panel app, I think the problem could be with the USB circuit.

What do you suggest that I do? It's been 4 days since it got wet and it's still acting this way. Too late to stick it in a bag of rice? Too late to blow dry it? Does that iRevive Spray work?