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07-29-2014 11:01 AM
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    Default keyboard animation lag

    In general I find the one m8 super fast and it's the first android phone I haven't found the need to change the animation scale on. However one thing that bugs me is the animations on the keyboard pop up seem to lag behind a little. The touch response is fine but if I type quickly the animation gets behind. Anyone else? Seems to be the case with all keyboards I try including stock and swiftkey. Fleksy is probably the best as it's pop ups are not so obvious

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    Default Re: keyboard animation lag

    I get the same with SwiftKey. I've never used the stock one. I've never found a solution to it on any of my devices but it's been the same on every Android device I've owned.

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    Default Re: keyboard animation lag

    It just so happens that SwiftKey had a new update claiming to improve performance.

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