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    Default Text preview not working on mini.

    Hi guys, had my mini for a couple of months now, love it but i have just updated my software to the latest version and once the phone restarted i now notice i no longer get a text preview and the senders name at the bottom of the lock screen, i went into the text settings and ticked the boxes, applied changes etc but nothing, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Text preview not working on mini.

    Also noticed this after updating on Jan 1st, got the preview option selected yet nothing happens. Really hoping this gets addressed as I find it an essential tool when driving with my phone in it's holder.
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    Unhappy Re: Text preview not working on mini.

    updated my device today, same thing has occured. Finding it rather infuriating! Still haven't found a way to fix it after countless googling. Someone must know?! :/

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