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    Default Hi...

    ... I have managed to revert to ZVD and am currently rooted (yay me) thanks to the guides here. But I am kind of stuck now as I want to upgrade to ZVJ and be rooted there. I have read through te threads and am kind of unsure what steps to take. Like I said my goal is to be rooted in ZVJ but I am really thrilled to be rooted in ZVD right now, and also the phone tells me that an update is available but I am afraid if it updates I will lose the root access if I let it do the automatic update. Can someone point me in the right direction please.
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    update, I now have stumbled through the install of a custom ROM, so now I have a rooted phone with ZVD and reborn rom. I may just pass on the ZVJ rooting as this is fine for now. Thanks
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    I used to run RebornROM (which is a ZVD, Android v2.2 "Froyo" based ROM). It's a good ROM but I upgraded to the ZVJ Android v2.3 "Gingerbread" based DanteROM-- which I think is better. For me, Froyo (and hence the Froyo-based ROMs) have a fatal flaw. If you load up a big SD card with music (I think over ~16GB), the system can't handle it and becomes so unusable that it crashes constantly. (Google fixed some memory management problems for Gingerbread.) Also, some of the newer apps won't run on the (older) Froyo OS.

    Upgrade/rooting instructions at the following link.
    [How-To] Automated Rooting of LS670ZVD/ZVH/ZVJ

    DanteROM at the following link.
    [ROM][ZVJ] 2.3.3 DanteRom v4 [UPDATE] 10/14/2012
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    thank you razz, I guess I need to read up on updating my rooted zvd to zvj now. some of the directions seem kind of complex but I guess I struggled through them once so I should be able to do it again. May give it a go
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    ok, I have the rooted zvd, I want to get rooted zvj. the links on the guide are outdated or broken. I need some help please, can someone post the download links so I can get to my goal of rooted zvj.
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    Default Re: Hi...

    Check your private messages (PM).
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    Default Re: Hi...

    thank you Razz

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