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    Default Wifi problem fixed!

    Well, my wifi stopped working and after trying for a while with settings I called customer care. They told me that there is a software issue that causes the X2 to want either data or wifi and not both. So I had to put a data widget on one of my LPP home screens and when I want to use wifi I have to turn off the data on the phone. Kind of a pain in the *** but not a huge deal I guess. It works lol

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    Default Re: Wifi problem fixed!

    which data widget did you put on? is it the one thats included with the X2?
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    Default Re: Wifi problem fixed!

    Quote Originally Posted by bbsadaj View Post
    which data widget did you put on? is it the one thats included with the X2?
    If you are thinking of the Data Usage Widget, I'd say I doubt that that's what they are talking about. It sounds like some widget that lets them toggle data on and off.

    But, I don't see why this is necessary at all. I just connected to WiFi (and browsed) and didn't have to turn data off or anything. Turned off WiFi and I'm right back on 3G (and browsed) with no problems.

    How long have you had your phone? Might want to consider taking it back. Or calling back and getting another customer service rep because that is definitely not how your phone is intended to work. If it's too late to take it back and swap it out quickly, I'd still get it claimed under manufacturer warranty or something. Unless you can figure out a way to fix it. Because you shouldn't have to worry about turning off your data just to turn on WiFi, that's just weird.

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