Hi all

I am considering buying the $249 samsung chromebook. I need a laptop that I can bring to university and take notes in class and from books. My only convern is how this laptop will handle large google drive documents. My douments are frequently 30,000 words or more on 40 pages. I was wondering if anyone could perform a test for me. I would be very grateful and it would help me make a decision towards buying one or not.

The test:
Setup: 3 tabs. One of google translate. One of a google search result page. And one of google docs editor. The doc needs to be atleast 30 pages and contain 30,000 words.
Test: Scrolling up and down the document, searching in the document, writing in the document, switching between tabs. Is there any lag? If yes, how bad is it, barely noticable or 5+ second hangups?

If you PM me I can share two documents, with and without pictures. I hope someone can help me. I would be very grateful!

- Helge