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    Default Upside Down camera

    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

    After a few uses, the camera application has suddenly become inverted. The camera frame, controls, any menu called up and the viewfinder image, all are shown upside down. Camera still records images, but is hard to use. Rotating the tablet causes the camera contols and screen viewfinder image display to follow, keeping everything inverted ????

    Any suggestions gratefully received.

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    I've never heard of an issue like yours. You can always use another camera app, but if you're set on using the default camera you could try an app like GMD Smart Rotate. It can force most apps into which ever orientation you need(portrait, inverted portrait, landscape and inverted landscape). Theres a free version, but with the paid version you can specify the orientation of individual apps. There are a couple of other apps that also force rotation but I have never tried them. GMD Smart Rotate works for what I need it for. It's a workaround but it should work. I would still try to figure out what is happening with your camera app. You might see if its available in the Samsung App store and re-install it(not sure if that possible since most of the pre-installed apps can be uninstalled).
    I'm pretty sure resetting your device to default would correct the problem but you would then have to set up your apps and setting again.
    Hope that helps, good luck
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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will let you know what happens, though it may be a few days before I report back.
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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

    I have installed two different camera apps. They must both make calls to the same routines which are used in the original camera app which comes with the Note 10.1, because they both produce a viewfinder image before shutter operation which is inverted. One app in particular has a screen display, icons, buttons and release, which is the same as the original Samsung app. I haven't so far found the app in the Samsung store.

    Your suggestion to use GMD Smart Rotate is a winner. I haven't experimented with it yet, but already it has corrected the viewfinder image in the Samsung app, and one of the apps I installed. The other was deleted without testing.

    Thanks very much for your help.
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    Arrow Re: Upside Down camera

    I'm obviously late to post the solution but I just had the same problem with my Galaxy Tab 2. I accidentally pulled down the menu to rotate the screen while the camera was open and couldn't figure out why my camera inverted... Then it hit me. Literally all you have to do is pull down the menu and hit rotate. It immediately returned to normal. Happy Canada Day!
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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

    Pls, could you pls explain better what you have done? I have pulled down menu and found nothing. Tks

    - - - Updated - - -

    Pls, could you pls explain better what you have done? I have pulled down menu and found nothing. Tks
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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

    I had the same issue, but I've just updated to the 4.2.2 camera and now it's working fine.
    Maybe that will fix your problem also.
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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

    To fix the camera being upside down on the samsung galaxy tab 3 7 inch. From you desktop screen select apps, select settings, Then in the system section select accessibility and at top of that page/screen select Auto rotate screen.

    Hope this helps. It fixed mine.....
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    Default Re: Upside Down camera

    My case is a bit different. I have just purchased my Note 10.1 about a week ago. While familiarizing with its features, I found out that when I play a video file imported from my laptop, the output is inverted/upside down (same video is ok when played in my laptop)). I tried to intentionally invert the video in my laptop using Windows Live Movie Maker and then transferred to my Note 10.1 hoping that the issue is solved. When I tried to play the video using both the built-in video player and MX player, the result was still the same (inverted/upside down). Appreciate your suggestions that can solve the issue. Thanks.

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