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    Default List of Multiwindow Apps

    It would be nice to see what applications you have installed that get added to the multiwindow pane.

    These are the ones I have today:
    OfficeSuite Pro
    Touchdown for Smartphones
    S Note
    S Finder
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    Default Re: List of Multiwindow Apps

    Everyone will pretty much have the same, give or take a few. I can't wait for an update for more support on different programs. This is of course is without rooting. I would really love Google or s translate.

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    Default Re: List of Multiwindow Apps

    Papyrus and Lecture Note both work in multi window. As does sms pro.
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    Default Re: List of Multiwindow Apps

    I just used wanam exposed and made a custom list, phone not with me so can't list.

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