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    Default S4 Mini GSM/FD LTE/UMTS

    Ok so I am torn between the Mini and the S4. I really do not know which one to go for. The s4 is 100 more but I am willing to pay the extra if need be.

    Now I am not phone techy at all.
    I do not know what I should be looking for when looking at its network connectivity...
    I read somewhere about the Mbps people were recieving and they were saying they were capped at like 14.4 mbps (can't find the link again)
    But anyways, I am quite fixed on getting one of this phone.
    So is there a difference in the network connectivity speeds between the S4 and S4 mini? Like would the s4 be able to reach speeds much higher than that of s4 mini?
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    Default Re: S4 Mini GSM/FD LTE/UMTS

    I have the S4 mini and love it. But it is my first smart phone so i have nothing to compare with and be disappointed by. I signed up with Rogers [Canada] because they have the best and most towers across the country, and have them in the best locations [nice to get there first!]. So regardless of where i am there is less chance for roaming or long distance charges.

    I do not want a "big clunky thing" in my pocket, so no regular S4 for me.

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