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    Default Static on screen of S5

    Hello all. I just got my new S5 today. One weird thing I'm noticing is static on screen when the phone lags occasionally. It doesn't happen very much, but it's jarring to look at.

    I'm wondering if it's normal (new phone software bugs) or if my phone has a hardware problem. I hate to return devices. so if it's just a software bug and others are experiencing it, I'm OK with that.

    I did a search and nothing came up, and I haven't seen it mentioned in any review.
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    Default Re: Static on screen of S5

    Hi there

    I had this exact same issue with the exact same phone, eventually it wouldn't turn on once, just the static and blue notification light.

    The problem I found out was a loose flex ribbon connecter (I have know idea).
    So I tried turning in on while holding down fairly hardly the spot they're at, which is just under the heart rate sensor area. The phone booted up fine but as soon as I let go it turned to static.

    So I turned the phone off and held on the place I held as hard as I could for a good 10 minutes. I tapped it and shook it as well. And then, voilà! The phone works as good as new again!

    So I suggest you do what I do, hold it hard down near the top of the battery, try different places. I guess it reconnected the cable somehow I hope this helps
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    Default Re: Static on screen of S5

    Ethan's suggestijon fixed my problem too. My galaxy S5 fell off my nightstand charger and went white with colored specles. I applied pressure by running my finger over the back of the phone with the battery removed. Then I held the phone just under the heart rate sensor and put the battery back in and it turned on fine.

    Thank you Ethan.

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