I'm an iPhone 5 user and use PCs exclusively computer-wise. I've been interested in trying out an Android device (but not brave enough to jump to an Android phone and I don't want to jailbreak) and have been looking at some of the lower-cost tablets. The Galaxy Tab is only $199 on Amazon and it looks really appealing. But I also noticed that it came out almost a year ago...is it still a good tablet? I'm not really looking to do anything super-special with it...I'm mainly interested in running some widgets, web browsing, some video, apps like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (though I read that the cameras on this tablet are kind of bad, but it isn't a deal-breaker for me), and using it as an e-reader.

My mom has an iPad and I use it myself quite regularly but I'm not a huge fan of the super-closed ecosystem and I just want to explore another operating system. So is this tablet a good starter tablet?

Edit: Oops! I realized that there is a separate section for the Tab 2...can someone please move this?