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    Default Working on getting ClockWorkMod to work on my Kyocera Milano.

    Hi there everyone! This is an old project I was working with utkanos who is a member of the RootzWiki forums. We ended up getting as far as getting a bootable image but ran into a problem with the display.

    The phone as far as I can tell hasn't frozen in this state, in fact I can use the vol up/down keys to navigate.

    You can check out my progress here:
    CyanogenMod build issues - Development - RootzWiki

    By the way, it says "CyanogenMod" because I was pretty newbish and kept confusing the two.

    Don't know why this happened but this is where the project has been sitting at the moment, any answers?
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    Default Re: Working on getting ClockWorkMod to work on my Kyocera Milano.

    How you got this to actually work is cool.

    Too bad I haven't heard from Kyocera on how to get the bootloader unlocked on my Hydro.
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    Default Re: Working on getting ClockWorkMod to work on my Kyocera Milano.

    I might try to attempt this again when I have the time since I know what I'm doing. If anyone has one of these phones feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll send you the files I used to make this rom and you can try it for yourself.

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