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    Is it just me or is it that when I have used my galaxy nexus data it over heats. Old why it continues to get really hot. I got it Saturday, and I am thinking of taking it back to the store. I just need to know if I am the only person who is experiencing an overly heated device. If not can any one please offer a solution. Thank you

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    Default Re: Signal

    I keep my device in a TPU case, but it never feels too hot to me. It will get warm but it never feels like it may be overheating.
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    Yes I would take it back. I'm on my 2nd GNEX, the 1st one the batt would overheat to 130 sometimes higher. The techs at the sprint store said it shorted out the battery. A lot of people have said they overheat. Prob a bad batch of phones. The replacement phone I have now is good. No overheating, same par batt life, but the phone is great. Def take it to the sprint store and get it looked at.
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    Mine gets kinda hot only when I'm using 3g never when I'm on wifi. Battery also suffers from sprints 3g.

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