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    Default 4G in DC

    Does anyone know when the nation's capitol will get 4G. I mean c'mon this is the power city where the laws are determined the place where congress and the president reside can we get some love and 4G here?
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    Lol I don't think carriers care about any of that when it comes to their network. They have to get permits and everything for the towers before they can even start.. Depends how long that place takes to do that.

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    Default Re: 4G in DC

    You're right but right next door is Baltimore and they have it amazing but they say patience is a virtue so wait, wait I will unless Verizon tempts me enough to jump ship.
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    Default Re: 4G in DC

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    Default Re: 4G in DC

    Sprints LTE has been up for a while in the DC area.


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