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    Default Salvaging photos from a wet LG G2

    Hi. Help! I dropped my LG G2 into my coffee (*****!) and it seems to be fried. Only the bottom inch or so was submerged. At first it seemed like it might be recovered, I opened it up (not under warranty anyway) and put it in rice for 2 days (did not remove the battery because it seemed like taking apart the entire phone, so many screws!). But although I could hear sounds and feel vibrations, the screen wouldn't come on. I put it back in rice for a day then tried to plug it into my computer to at least recover 2 months worth of brand-new baby newborn pictures. For a minute, it synched up and I saw the pictures, then they disappeared from the computer and it no longer recognized the phone as a drive. Now the phone won't even start up like before. I'm sure it's screwed and I have ordered a new phone, but I'm desperate to get those baby pictures! Anyone have any ideas of how I could save them? I would even pay someone if I knew where to start to find someone reputable. Is it possible to remove the memory, and if so how could I get another device to read it? Any help would be appreciated.
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    Default Re: Salvaging photos from a wet LG G2

    Did you ever get your photos recovered from your wet LG G2?

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