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    Default Picture Orientation Issue


    I noticed recently that when saving pictures to both Dropbox and my laptop, that the pictures are saved in a weird orientation. I have to manually rotate some pictures so that they aren't upside-down, orientated left/right. Now it wouldn't be an such a pain in the a** to do that, but when I do "fix" them, they are resized differently and look like crap.

    They look fine on the phone itself, but once downloaded they rotate/change size for some reason. Has anyone been seing this?
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    Default Re: Picture Orientation Issue

    Yea, and same thing with instagram.. When the picture uploads its rotated 90 degrees

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    Default Picture Orientation Issue

    My wife had this issue the other night. She took the picture right side up and when she went back through her gallery to upload some pics to Facebook, a couple were upside down. We just flipped them and they worked. Not sure if that's a similar issue to what you were having, or not.
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    Default Re: Picture Orientation Issue

    I believe that you have to take the picture in landscape, kind of like a real camera. Ever since I started doing this all my pictures I upload to instagram show up normal and not sideways
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    Default Re: Picture Orientation Issue

    Yup -- take the pictures in landscape with the home button to the right.
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    Default Re: Picture Orientation Issue

    I wonder why they set it up that way. Sometimes a picture in portrait mode is nicer...oh well. Thanks for the info.

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