04-10-2017 12:34 PM
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    My RCA Viking tablet (from Walmart) was refusing to connect to my home wifi. Oddly it would connect at my job but not at home. The tablet wifi settings showed my home network with a Signal Strength "Excellent" I entered my password to connect it. Sometimes it would stall on authentication, sometimes it would say ok and other times said failed. This made no sense because I knew my password was right! I even disconnected wifi from my phone and reconnected using the same password I was entering on the tablet and my phone connected fine. Most times it would get past authentication no problem, so I wasn't too concerned about the password issue. But the issue was once it passed authentication it would say "saved" then "connecting" it would keep trying to connect but would never actually "connect" to the wifi. I followed all the advice above - Forget network, modify network, reboot router, power down tablet etc- but nothing worked. I then confirmed all settings on router were ok as suggested above. I was able to confirm on my settings page that I did indeed have right password. Which I already knew because all other devices (laptops, kindle, Windows Surface, iphone, Samsung phones etc were all connecting fine) The odd thing is this happened last night too and then eventually I got it to connect but I had no idea how. Then this happened again today. As I was looking at the router info (Network name, password) I decided to rename my network (I have been wanting to do this for a long time) so I did. Like most people (probably) I have 2 signals 2.4 GHZ and 5G - so I renamed the Network name to show the number in title of network (before they both had same name so I never knew which I connected to) That's when I remembered that when I got my wifi the tech said NOT ALL DEVICES CAN CONNECT TO 5G! But until now it was never a problem so I never thought of it again. So then I went back to my RCA tablet and now I see it says 2.4 Network and 5G Network- it won't connect to the 5G but I had no issues connecting to the 2.4. Now it is working fine! So guess my little cheapy Black Friday tablet hahahaha lol can't handle 5G. Just fyi the easiest way I found to change my router settings is I logged into my Time Warner (now Spectrum) account and there is a section at the bottom that says Home Wifi Settings- there you can view/change Network Name and password. Hope this helps someone. It was driving me nuts cause it made no sense at all!!! Sorry for long post but i wanted to be detailed. Good Luck!
    04-10-2017 12:34 PM
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