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    Hi ... I am using HTC OneS for more than 2 years now, currently running on Android 4.1.1....It had been an awesome experience with this phone so far. Recently, my phone has started to pop up these irritating notifications at almost all my actions that your phone is at risk..bla bla and when I press Ok to see the details, it takes me to some website (soloweb) where it asks me to download an application developed by KS Mobile! Is my phone really at risk..how do these notifications get pushed to my phone every now and then? How can I turn them off. I have an Antivirus installed on my phone (360 Security from Qihoo 360 Tech Co.) and it shows my phone totally safe. I'm not sure what to do but these push forceful pop-ups are irritating me! there are many other unwanted ads that keep popping up every now and then. To add, my phone has recently started to show some crazy behaviour. When on call, it would keep switching between the call console, home screen, recent apps and what not! It would keep switching b/w windows and not let me gain control over the call console. I lose control over the calls and that is frustrating!!! I don't know what's happening with my phone. Can you help me fix this please?
    Thanks in advance!
    02-25-2014 02:47 PM
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    When you get the notification again, long press it. It will bring up a button called app info. Click that. That will show the app responsible. Uninstall it, and report it to Google.

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    02-25-2014 03:03 PM

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