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    hi, i am 1.5 months into a new android phone. So i am new but i have used computers since apple invented the pc and i did know program c, cpu root languages, unix script, c++ and use compilers, debuggers, chip design software, etc. So i am not new to computers and i used brand new tech before tech people knew it existed. So... i am not completely dumb about computers. So,how do i fix these andoid problems. I tried installing several cache cleaners, i tried rolling back the updates. I read about using 200mb java download and usb debugging to fix it. But that is hours of work for since i would need to lockdown jdk on my secure computer. Is there some easy way to fix these problems? These errors are not acceptable for an os that is over 35 years old ( android is a copy of att unix) Thanks!
    04-06-2014 11:30 PM

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