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    This morning I keep getting this error message when my LG phone with Android OS 6.0 was trying to install an update for some default pack.

    It says the following:

    Unable to install Default Pack.

    Unable to install all contents.

    1 Code: 400.

    I tried at least 3 times to Retry and it attempts to download it all over again then the install process begins but before it completely finishes, it goes right back to this error message that I never got before until today.

    It also showed it installing something for Napster, why would it be doing that for? I didn't even download that on my phone. I'm kind of new to smartphones but I'm not totally computer illiterate either. I did major in regular computers in College so I do know about them, just a little unknowledgeable about smartphones at times.

    Please someone help me out with this annoying error message, thanks!
    10-13-2017 08:42 AM

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