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    Well, I've never visited this sub-forum before, and I can't say I really know anything about App Inventor except that I can't seem to find the darned thing online anymore.

    Do you guys think it would be possible to create an app that allows ICS phones like the Galaxy Nexus to use the Wifi Direct protocol? This allows any wifi device to connect directly to a Wifi Direct certified device -- think Bluetooth at wifi speeds and distances. The Galaxy SII has Wifi Direct, and it is made accessible using a program called "KiesAir". The Galaxy Nexus has the Wifi Direct APN, but there is currently no software available that can make use of it (I tried the KiesAir apk and it didn't work).

    I'm thinking it would be awesome to have something that enables direct file access between the phone and a laptop or tablet with wifi access.

    Note: I don't believe Wifi Direct lets you share network connections -- this is not internet "access point" or hotspot functionality.

    Could app inventor be used for something like this??
    01-18-2012 10:18 AM