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    We’ve just launched an Android version of our ScanToPDF product and it would be good to get some feedback from this forum on the features you would want to see in version 2. We’d also like feedback on the product’s pricing.

    Product Overview.
    ScanToPDF Mobile is designed to create single or multi-page PDFs from images acquired from the device’s camera or gallery. Having created the PDF the user is given the option to email or FTP and the PDFs are stored for future reference.

    Product Development.
    We develop products by asking our users what features they want in the next version. If you would like to give us input into the features you want then you can install version 1 from

    You can then either post your ideas on this forum or email them to us android.apps (at) oimaging.co.uk.

    Our pricing approach is that if a user wants to create just a few PDFs (less than 30) we are quite happy for them to use the product free of charge. No adverts, no pop-ups, no reduced functionality. But if they want to create more than 30 PDFs they have a choice. They can either pay $2.00 or they can have their PDFs watermarked with an unobtrusive banner that reads ‘created by ScanToPDF’. We think this is fair but it would good to hear your thoughts. How does $2.00 sound for this type of product?

    And as a thank you for anyone that gives us feedback; the current download of the free version doesn’t include the 30 PDF limit so you will be getting the paid version free of charge. We will leave that version available for download until the 14th March 2012.
    03-07-2012 01:05 PM