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    I am looking for work at a music composer for apps. I have great deal of music experience including thirteen years of piano performance, three years of experience with KORG keyboards, and experience recording in Logic Pro. I have a few samples of songs, including an original and two covers, all which I've recently recorded in the past few months.

    I am also in a band Taylored from New Jersey of which is currently working with Earl Cohen, known for his work with Lady Gaga and other pop artists such as Usher.

    Here is the link to my cover of Big Blue from the F-Zero series. This the quality recording I can give, and better upon work.

    Please contact me at my email address, mrmattreynolds1990@gmail.com, or via Facebook: www.facebook.com/linkofhyrule0690.

    Thank you and hope to work with any developers out there.
    04-07-2012 11:00 PM