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    Hi all!
    A word about BuddyMeteo (name is not the final one) , a new social weather android application. This app is still under development and need feedback from you and is available for free on BuddyMeteo. The users have the opportunity to tell to the community what the weather is at their actual geo-localized position. Before considering a trip to the beach in the countryside, you select your destination on the displayed openstreet map and then differents symbols (sun, rain, clouds) will indicate the exact weather given by a user of the application !
    You may know, like me (I live in Britanny, France!) that there can be large variations between two places separated by just 20 kms ...
    Hence the interest of sharing "our" weather, the real weather at the current time.
    I'm obviously very interested in your potential feedbacks, whether positive or not!
    Attached Thumbnails new social weather android application-device-2012-09-14-073016.png   new social weather android application-snapshot_paris_search_clavier.png   new social weather android application-snapshot_paris.png   new social weather android application-new-york-zoom-bulle.png   new social weather android application-snapshot_paris_partager.png  

    10-06-2012 07:16 AM
  2. buddyprojects's Avatar
    Hi all !
    our application has evolved. You can go on our website (www.buddyprojets.net) and see if we are working in the right direction!
    Waiting for your comments.
    have a nice w-e !
    11-01-2012 09:22 AM

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